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Image of Artame Pressure Cooker 10Ltr

Artame Pressure Cooker 10Ltr

The Artame pressure cooker has a 10 litre capacity and helps you to produce delicious dishes with ease. The pressure cooker saves you time when it comes to preparing dishes, as you can fill it with ingredients and let it cook whilst you prepare other...

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Image of Artame Pressure Cooker 15Ltr

Artame Pressure Cooker 15Ltr

The Artame Pressure Cooker gives your food better vibrancy, flavour and texture by locking in moisture and flavours, perfect for creating delicious dishes with ease. A 15 litre capacity gives you the space to prepare large meals, perfect for pre-planning...

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Image of Artame Pressure Cooker 23Ltr

Artame Pressure Cooker 23Ltr

Intense flavours, perfectly cooked meals every time. The Artame pressure cooker not only saves an incredible amount of time, it produces healthy and delicious food. Vitamins are sealed in instead of boiled away, vegetables keep their bright colours, and...

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