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Image of Indesit C00050564

Indesit C00050564

The Indesit C00050564 Calblock is suitable for all washing machines, washer dryers and dishwashers and protects your appliance from hard water. Improving your washing results and avoiding the deposit of limescale on clothes and glasses resulting in cleaner...

Image of Indesit C00091833

Indesit C00091833

The Indesit Aquafilter is a professional filter designed to protect the internal parts of your machine from Limescale breakdown or damage. Simply fit the filter to your water supply and its ready to go, keeping the water clear for 5-6 months.

Image of Indesit C00092168

Indesit C00092168

Ideal for any Dishwasher, the Indesit C00092168 3 in 1 tablets combine rinse aid, drying accelerators and a scouring action to ensure your cups and plates always come out brilliantly clean.

Image of Indesit C00092295

Indesit C00092295

With this mat keep fresh mat from Indesit you will be able to extend the life of all your fruit and veg. To use it effectively, simply place the mat between the food and the fridge surface. This will then be able to circulate the air inside the mat to...

Image of Indesit C00092439

Indesit C00092439

The Universal Magic Sponge is the perfect solution to cleaning your kitchen. with just warm water the Magic Sponge makes light work of the most ground in stains and spills, working on both lacquered, painted or anti scratch surfaces.

Image of Indesit C00092714

Indesit C00092714

Designed to get your stove or grill looking like new, the Indesit C00092714 Grid and Pan Renovator makes light work of the toughest stairs, easily able to clean stainless steel, chrome, enamel, aluminium, Cast iron and even brass.

Image of Indesit C00092893

Indesit C00092893

The Indesit C00092893 Microwave care spray is designed to take the effort out of cleaning your microwave. its specially designed formula makes light work of grease and grime, leaving a clean microwave.

Image of Indesit C00093544

Indesit C00093544

Enjoy a professional clean every time with the Indesit C00093544 Steel Care Cream. effortlessly remove small defects from your stainless steel surfaces without worrying about scratching or damage

Image of Indesit C00277637

Indesit C00277637

The Indesit C00277637 Oven and Ceramic Hob Care Pack is the ideal cleaning solution for all your kitchen surfaces The package includes a 500ml oven degreaser, 500ml degreasing detergent for ceramic hob surfaces, 280ml steel surface cleaner and a microfibre...

Image of Indesit C00306282

Indesit C00306282

Keep your fridge perfectly cleanwith this Fridge Care Pack, using OdorCaptor technology to capture and absorb all bad fridge odours.

Image of Indesit C00306285

Indesit C00306285

Looking after your dishwasher has never been easy, thanks to this Dishwasher care pack, offering 2kg's worth of dishwasher salts, 25 dishwasher tablets and the 5-in-1 action tablet detergent . Dishwasher deodorant that has a luxury lemon scent and finally...

Image of Indesit Chimney Hood Black 598mm (1676R)

Indesit Chimney Hood Black 598mm (1676R)

1 year manufacturer's guarantee. Features: 3 Speeds; Extraction Rate 714m³/hr; Extracts & Recirculates; Aluminium Dishwasher-Proof Filters; Push-Button Switch; 1 Year Guarantee; 2 x LED Lights; 10 Year Parts Guarantee. 220-240V. Duct dia: 120mm. Noise...

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