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Image of 1301 rotary mower sharpener

1301 rotary mower sharpener

re-sharpens rotary mower blades to the correct angle in minutes without removing the blade from the mowerfits any power drillalso puts back the working edge on spades hoes and lawn edgers

Image of 1601 secateur sharpener

1601 secateur sharpener

a complete new idea which puts back the precision sharp edge on your secateursthis tool accurately re-grinds the correct cutting angle on all types of secateurs both anvil and by-pass loppers and pruning knives

Image of multi-sharp 4 in 1 garden tool sharpener

multi-sharp 4 in 1 garden tool sharpener

the garden tool sharpener sharpens scythes grass hooks weed knives pruning knives straight edge loppers kitchen knives and pocket knives to an extremely sharp edgesimply place the guard over the cutting edge and draw the sharpener across the bladethe...