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Image of 3-In-1 Cleaner

3-In-1 Cleaner

Leave all sorts of flat and shiny surfaces sparkly clean and smear-free – no carrying a heavy bucket of water no having to find the right cloth. Perfect for cleaning windows and mirrors in the house and in the car the hand-held Cleaner comprises 3 useful...

Image of Anti-Limescale Magnoball

Anti-Limescale Magnoball

Prevent the build-up of limescale in your washing machine or dishwasher with this eco-friendly Magnoball. The ball uses magnetic power to crystallise limescale particles in the water stopping them from clogging up pipes and sticking to clothes. Just pop...

Image of Aqua Brush

Aqua Brush

Remove mud dirt and sand from carpets bikes dogs’ paws trainers walking boots and more with the multi-purpose Aqua Brush. Fill the handle with water and detergent (if you like) pull the head upwards to open the valve and brush away the dirt with the...

Image of Auto Sonic Scrubber®

Auto Sonic Scrubber®

This powerful tool cuts cleaning time by up to 75%. It reaches hard-to clean areas around wheels door trims grilles engines and dashboards. Ideal for cleaning cars bikes boats and garden furniture. It has 4 interchangeable brushes and is waterproof. Takes...

Image of Carpet® Pet Hair Removal Tool

Carpet® Pet Hair Removal Tool

Many modern vacuum cleaners fail to remove pet hair from carpets and upholstery. This clever gadget covered in rubber nodules is instantly effective. Wipe it over the surface to be cleaned and it lifts even the finest cat hair and fluff. Clean the brush...

Image of Cedarwood Coathanger Rings

Cedarwood Coathanger Rings

Banish foul-smelling moth balls to the bin! These Coat Hanger Rings are made from aromatic Red Cedar. Working without the use of harmful chemicals the cedar acts as a repellent to moths and their larvae keeping your clothes fresh and hole-free. Just slip...

Image of Chrome and Steel Aga Cleaner

Chrome and Steel Aga Cleaner

Keeping an Aga or Rayburn sparkling can be difficult because they are constantly hot. The unique formula of these products is specifically designed for use on hot surfaces. They can be used daily to remove discolouration and tough stains from chrome and...

Image of Crazy Cat Lady Mug

Crazy Cat Lady Mug

Everyone knows a crazy cat lady! It's probably your mum sister work colleague maybe even your neighbour who is constantly cuddling many furry feline cuties. This is the perfect present for cat lovers and what's more when you take a sip out of this adorable...

Image of Dialect Mugs

Dialect Mugs

Eee by gum - there'll be some fun with our Dialect Mugs! Made and printed in the UK the ceramic mugs are printed with some amusing stereotypical phrases and sayings. The bold typography is printed in various vibrant colours and black to brighten up any...

Image of Dog Mug - Sausage Dog

Dog Mug - Sausage Dog

Give any Dachshund lover a real treat with this adorable Mug. The beautiful sausage dog illustrations by English artist Katherine Tyrer capture the appeal of this whimsical hound to perfection. Accompanied by the witty words ‘A “Long” Day’ the mug...

Image of Double-Ended Delicate Duster

Double-Ended Delicate Duster

Don’t risk breaking precious glass or china ornaments or lifting inlay when dusting furniture. This hand-crafted oiled beech Brush has supersoft goat’s hair bristles one end and stiffer natural bristles the other.25cm.

Image of Drain Clear Sticks

Drain Clear Sticks

Keep your drains clear and smelling fresh for a whole year. Biodegradable and environmentally friendly the sticks contain enzymes that break down food and grease. Just put 1 stick down a drain each month to keep it smelling fresh and prevent build up....