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Image of Austin Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet

Austin Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet

The Stainless Steel Austin Mirrored Cabinet is great sized personal bathroom mirror cabinet for those in need of a little extra storage space. This cabinet is not too bulky but still offers plenty of storage for all your bathroom bits and bobs.A decent...

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Image of Avant Mirrored Corner Bathroom Cabinet

Avant Mirrored Corner Bathroom Cabinet

Make the sensible choice with the The Stainless Steel Avant Mirrored Corner Cabinet. This handy mirrored cabinet will save you space and make the most of your bathroom by tucking away neatly in the corner but without compromising on looks or functionality....

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Image of Image Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet

Image Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet

The Image Mirror Cabinet is a stunning bathroom cabinet with fresh, modern looks and a spacious interior for medicines or your personal toiletries. This right-handed mirror cabinet features a film-backed glass mirror for extra safety, and a stainless...

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Image of Latitude Mirror

Latitude Mirror

The super stylish Latitude Mirror will be a chic, modern centrepiece in your bathroom. Constructed from film backed glass for added safety, this superb mirror has a display of backlit frosted squares along each side of its surface. The stainless steel...

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Image of Magnum Mirror Magnum Mirror

Magnum Mirror Magnum Mirror

This funky bathroom mirror sports an unusual design to add an individual touch to your bathroom. The Magnum Mirror incorporates a practical halogen light and plenty of shelving so you can keep all of your make-up and accessories in easy reach. This mirror...

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Image of Mimic Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet

Mimic Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet

The Mimic Hinged Mirror Cabinet is striking in its simplicity. This elegant cabinet is ideal for adding extra storage to your bathroom without taking up any floor space. It features two hinged, mirrored doors. The mirrors are film backed for your piece...

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Image of Palace Mirror

Palace Mirror

This classy bathroom mirror will add elegance to your bathroom. The Palace Mirror boasts an attractive double mirror design which is complemented with a stunning stainless steel halogen light. The mirror is film backed for safety.

Image of Ultra Lux 4 Door Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet in White

Ultra Lux 4 Door Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet in White

The Ultra Lux 4 Door Mirror Cabinet is both simple and elegant in design but will be a key feature in any bathroom. This large mirror cabinet has a beautiful white colour scheme and features four soft-close doors with ample storage space. Easily installed...

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