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Image of BBQ grill tongs WESTMARK

Image of Cheese Slicer WESTMARK

Cheese Slicer WESTMARK

It will slice and cut cheese, sausage, fruit and vegetables.  You can have the food cut extra thinly or have strips for a salad.  Only an electric knife will cut so precisely.  Nothing will stick to the extra sharp stainless steel knife.  You can...

Image of Cracky Lobster

Cracky Lobster

A high quality lobster cracker with attractive claw handles. This attractive and durable item is suitable for cracking lobster or crab. Lobster cracker

Image of Grease and oil jug WESTMARK

Grease and oil jug WESTMARK

Eat healthier!  The grease jug separates the oils, grease and gravy from your savory roast.   Dishwasher safe.

Image of Hamburger Press WESTMARK

Hamburger Press WESTMARK

The burger press creates the correct sized hamburgers which even have the typical hamburger grooves. The hamburgers can be lifted to aid removal. Interior diameter: 11.0 cm Material: plastic, white, handle area red, rubberised.  Dishwasher safe. You...

Image of Poppy Seed Mill / Grain Mill WESTMARK

Poppy Seed Mill / Grain Mill WESTMARK

Grains which have been freshly ground ensure that you have the full aroma and all the vitamins and minerals are kept.  Ideal for baking, for making muesli, salads and healthy fibre rich food. * You can adjust the milling settings from coarse to fine...

Image of Reusable coffee filter, size 4 WESTMARK

Reusable coffee filter, size 4 WESTMARK

The filter of micro fine stainless steel mesh ensures maximum coffee enjoyment and is permanently reusable. * Replaces size 4 filter bags * Stainless steel / plastic * Dishwasher safe * Diameter 10 x 9 cm