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Image of Bee & Bug Biome

Bee & Bug Biome

Attract the bees ladybirds and other beneficial insects to your garden with this bee and bug biome. These creatures are all great for providing either pollination or for predator control. This biome will encourage you to create a complete habitat fo

Image of Bird Feeder Cup - Orange

Bird Feeder Cup - Orange

This bird feeder in a striking orange shade is a steel cup with a ground spike attached which can be located in lawns pots and planters or flower borders. The dark green ground spike comes in 3 segments that screw together effortlessly. Simply depo

Image of Butterfly & Bug House

Butterfly & Bug House

This house is designed for butterflies and moths and is both a feeder and habitat for roosting and hibernating. It is made from sturdy FSC timber with a felted apex roof to stop deterioration and the feeding tray is a petal shape painted with ultra-

Image of Chavenage Bat Box

Chavenage Bat Box

This single chamber unit is a quality nesting box for bats to build a home in. It will provide a roost for many different varieties of species such as Pippistrelle Noctule Leisler's Natterer's Daubentons and Brown Long-eared bats. It is made from

Image of Coniston Bird Bath

Coniston Bird Bath

With an aged stone appearance and decorative scrolls around the edge the Coniston bird bath is a attractive addition to your garden space. It is made from an eco-friendly material called Clayplas+ which is a combination of recycled plastic and clay

Image of Coniston Bird Bath Stand

Coniston Bird Bath Stand

Raise your Coniston bird bath off the ground by up to 62cm with the Coniston bird bath stand. The separate tall stem is made from Clayplas+ a composite material of recycled plastic and clay and comes with a 10 year material guarantee. The stand is

Image of Conservation Mini Mammal Habitat

Conservation Mini Mammal Habitat

Use this mini mammal habitat in dormouse conservation projects or as a home for small mammals. It is a well-made semi-circle shape from solid timber and has a recycled plastic inner layer with a wooden log outer layer providing extra insulation. Ther

Image of Dewdrop Bee & Bug Hotel

Dewdrop Bee & Bug Hotel

This teardrop shaped Dewdrop Bee & Bug hotel provides nesting tubes for solitary bees & shelter for other beneficial insects in your garden. Made with FSC timber and decorative woven bamboo around the outside the centre contains bamboo nesting tubes

Image of Dewdrop Butterfly & Insect Hotel

Dewdrop Butterfly & Insect Hotel

This stylish dew drop shaped Butterfly & Insect hotel provides a save haven for insects in your garden because invertebrates of all kinds for the basis of a healthy ecosystem so we should strive to protect them. The back of the insect house can be re

Image of Double Chamber Bat Box

Double Chamber Bat Box

Solidly constructed in FSC oak and larch this double chambered box provides a perfect habitat for bats. The box features an access ladder and hinged front door providing access for inspection and cleaning. Bat boxes should be sited 2.5 to 5 metres h

Image of Echoes Bird Bath

Echoes Bird Bath

This stunning large ceramic Echoes Bird Bath with ripple step design will not only attract birds but will look beautiful in any garden. The bird bath also features a charming quote by William Blake imprinted around the rim.......To see a world in "

Image of Echoes Bird Bath Stand

Echoes Bird Bath Stand

This stunning glazed ceramic Echoes Bird Bath Stand is designed to be used with the matching Echoes Bird Bath. A perfect feature for and garden or patio simply place the stand and any desired bowl in a convenient and visible location in your garden a