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Image of All-purpose Weather Protector

All-purpose Weather Protector

This remarkable product does exactly what it says on the tin – it protects brickwork, wood, concrete and stone from the elements, helping to minimise water penetration. Once treated, surfaces are easier to clean and last longer.

Image of Clear Seal Leak Stop

Clear Seal Leak Stop

If you suddenly spring a leak or discover a crack there’s no need to call in costly tradesmen. Leaking gutters, roofs, pipes, vents or cracked chimneys and walls can all be fixed in seconds using this amazing invention.

Image of Complete Gutter Cleaning Kit

Complete Gutter Cleaning Kit

This gutter cleaning kit will help you clear away leaves and mud in record time. First use the curved-head shovel on its long steel pole to pull all the debris towards you, then scoop it up with the specially-shaped pan – easy! The scoop even has a hanger,...

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Image of Composting Tool

Composting Tool

This metal tool keeps any compost heap well mixed and aerated. Aeration is important to the composting process, as the bacteria that break down the organic material need oxygen to live and work. Once you insert the metal pole into the compost bin, the...

Image of Dimplex Free-standing Frost Watcher Heater

Dimplex Free-standing Frost Watcher Heater

Keep frost and damp at bay in your conservatory, greenhouse, shed or caravan. This Frost Watcher heater from Dimplex has a 500W output and variable thermostat with frost protection, and its IPX4 rating means it’s totally safe to use even in wet environments....

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Image of Dimplex Frost Watcher

Dimplex Frost Watcher

Sudden frosts can harm delicate plants and cause water pipes to freeze causing untold damage if they burst. Our frost watcher, a freestanding/wall mounted heater can help prevent such problems. With a 500W output the unit has a variable thermostat with...

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Image of Drain Demon

Drain Demon

The tried and tested way to clear blocked drains. If you've ever had to reach down into a putrid outside drain to clear a blockage, or paid a plumber to do so, this tool will save you much future unpleasantness or expense! Developed by a British plumbing...

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Image of Easi-fit Drain Covers (2)

Easi-fit Drain Covers (2)

Stop rotting leaves and other wind-blown debris blocking your drains with these easy-to-fit plastic covers. Cut to fit around standard downpipes, they can be trimmed easily to fit around larger pipes.

Image of Easy-to-fit Door Canopy

Easy-to-fit Door Canopy

No need to get the builders in when you want to create a porch over your front or back door. This weather-resistant canopy keeps the rain at bay when you’re standing on the doorstep paying the milkman. The clear, polycarbonate cover slots into PP plastic...

Image of Heavy Duty Folding Trolley

Heavy Duty Folding Trolley

Whether it be a grow bag, camping gear or suitcases, this versatile trolley can handle the lot. The reinforced, powder-coated steel frame is remarkably strong and the extra-large wheels make it easy to push or pull along, even over uneven ground.

Image of Lawn Repair

Lawn Repair

If you have a dog, your lawn probably suffers from unsightly brown ‘urine rings’. Now there’s a simple spray-on solution for ugly patches caused by pets, drought or general wear and tear. Similar to sprays used by professional maintenance companies...

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Image of Security Fence Spikes

Security Fence Spikes

These security spikes can be mounted on paintwork or brickwork, without creating an eyesore, to deter unwanted visitors, whether fitted onto a wall, fence or windowsill. The close-knit cones are very uncomfortable and the strips can be screwed, nailed...