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Image of EcoEgg


Be kind to your wallet, your clothes and the planet. Whilst an average non-bio liquid detergent costs almost 29p per wash, EcoEgg costs just 3.5p and lasts for up to 720 washes. So by our calculations you should save an incredible £184 during this little...

Image of Handy Steam Brush

Handy Steam Brush

This hand-held steam brush removes wrinkles from clothes on the hanger. You can even ‘iron’ duvet covers and sheets directly on the bed! The hot steam also cleans and disinfects fabrics, eliminates odours and saves the time and expense of regular dry...

Image of Mini Washing Machine

Mini Washing Machine

Now you can wash your delicates and other laundry in half the time it takes to wash them by hand. This mini washing machine needs no plumbing – simply fill it via your hot tap and plug into the mains. A fantastic energy and labour saver for flats, holiday...