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Image of Juliep Dual Purpose Strainer

Juliep Dual Purpose Strainer

The Juliep Dual Purpose Strainer is no ordinary cocktail strainer, it doubles up as an ice scoop making it a highly versatile and essential bar tool. Manufactured from hard wearing stainless steel, the Juliep offers a unique angled design which fits perfe

Image of ProSep Cocktail Egg Separator

ProSep Cocktail Egg Separator

You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, and you can't make delicious Eggnog or a Pisco Sour without using the ProSep Egg Separator. To make the perfect egg based cocktails, you need an accurate and safe way of separating egg whites from...

Image of ProStirrer Mixing Spoon

ProStirrer Mixing Spoon

The highly versatile ProStirrer Mixing Spoon is a must have for any serious mixologist; it offers hassle-free stirring, layering and muddling, helping you create perfect cocktails every time. Made from durable stainless steel, this spoon features a sturdy

Image of ProTrident Mixing Spoon

ProTrident Mixing Spoon

For a professional choice in bar equipment, the ProTrident Mixing Spoon offers practical functionality with a high quality design. This multi usage tool allows you to thoroughly mix your cocktails, master cocktail layering and features a trident fork...

Image of StrainRay Cocktail Strainer

StrainRay Cocktail Strainer

Designed to take the sting out of straining drinks, the StrainRay Cocktail Strainer is an essential tool for any bartender. This stainless steel strainer offers an elegant and sturdy construction and is designed for ease of use. The StrainRay fits perfect