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Image of 175g Mealworms

175g Mealworms

175g mealworms

Image of 24pk Peckish Energy Balls

24pk Peckish Energy Balls

24pk peckish energy balls

Image of 300g Suet Cake

300g Suet Cake

300g suet cake

Image of Bird Feeding Station

Bird Feeding Station

help feed the birds! wild birds will flock to your garden when they discover your deluxe bird feeding station. you can stock it with a wide variety of food as it boasts separate feeders for seeds and peanuts; a mealworm tray; a large mesh suet cage a...

Image of Deluxe Bird Food Pack

Deluxe Bird Food Pack

why not also try our exclusive deluxe bird food that is guaranteed to have the birds queuing-up at meal times in your garden? our deluxe pack contains 1kg of specially mixed yummy bird seed and 1kg of top-notch peanuts for an incredible price.

Image of Large Seed Bird Feeder + free Matching Large Peanut Feeder

Large Seed Bird Feeder + free Matching Large Peanut Feeder

this robust bird feeder hangs freely from branches whilst subtly blending into its surroundings. with a large central food holder it has been designed to store a generous amount of seed attracting plenty of birds to your garden. the construction of the...

Image of Wildflower Mix

Wildflower Mix

wildflower mix