Grillstream Deluxe Cover – 4 Burner Island Barbecue


Grillstream Barbecue Covers have been designed to be water resistant while still allowing your barbecue to breathe, preventing mildew and moisture build-up which can be damaging. Using high-quality 600 Denier, PVCfree Polyester increases the longevity of our covers and means they won’t deteriorate due to UV exposure. Peace of mind for you that your barbecue is protected from the elements and will stay in great condition, for longer. Ever woken up and had to retrieve your barbecue cover from a neighbour’s garden as the wind has picked up overnight and blown it clean off? Grillstream Barbecue Covers are equipped with strategically placed buckles to allow you to safely secure them to your barbecue. Covers are available for every model in the Grillstream range. Features: Breathable mesh panel Buckles to keep your cover held in place Shockcords and eyelets keeps your cover looking tidy as these provide a tight fit Specifications: Dimensions: H:156.0 x W:61.0 x D:113.0 cm Guarantee:3 years Material: Polyester. Model Number: GSDXCOV4BI

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Brand: Grillstream
Supplier: Robert Dyas